Gonioscopy test on a Shiba

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Although most reputable breeders may perform CERF exams on their dogs, this does not mean the dogs or their offspring will not develop glaucoma. At present, there are no genetic test for glaucoma. We have found that by performing gonioscopy on all our breeding stock, we have thus fare eliminated it from our program. This disease hit suddenly and within hours, your shiba may be blind in one eye and with primary glaucoma, it will eventually affect the other eye without treatement. If your dog has any eye issue, immediatley have the vet check their eye pressure with a tonometer. It is a quick and easy test. The eye has fluid flowing in and out. Glaucoma disrupts the flow out which raises the pressure in the eye.

We have seen that this disease only requires one parent to pass the problem to the offspring and it typically does not present itself until around 6-8 years of age, although their are variations.