Housebreaking a Puppy

Shiba puppies are typically easy to housebreak. They will attempt to relieve themselves outside of their pen as early as 3 weeks of age and can hold it through the night by the age of 10 weeks. The only time you may have issues are when you confuse them on the rules, or if they start relieving themselves where you would not like them to, their habitual nature may reinforce bad behavior. Since they are such creatures of habit if you start them out with good habits they will continue that routine. Consistency is key when training dogs. We suggest that you always take them out the same door with the same patterns. Reward good behavoir and ignore bad. When you take them out those first few weeks it is every three to four hours so they learn where to go. Once they go you praise them on what a good dog they are. Remember if you train them to go potty 3 miles away from the house that night and you are late for a dinner party, you're going to be walking him/her 3 miles to their favorite spot.

We do not endorse wee-wee pads or other methods of relieving themselves in the home

Use harness initially if you must walk your dog to relieve him/her self

Do not give your dog too much freedom in your home and wander unattended. They will get disoriented and not find their way out in time for going outside.

Once they start going in the house, they may establish a bad pattern.

Watch your dog for their patterns / signals for when they need to go.

Typically they need to go upon waking up,

after eating, after playing.