Feeding your Puppy

When you and your puppy leave here you recieve a supply of the food that we have been feeding them since he/she started eating solid food. We raise our puppies on a mixture of RAW (meat, bones and vegtables and fruit) plus some kibble so it is easy for the puppy to be transitioned into it's new home. We encourage new homes to feed a grainfree diet. We will help you decide what is best for your life style.

We feed our puppies 2 times a day for the first year of their lives. We do not reccomend puppy food. If your dog slows down then you feed them less. If the activity level increase and you start running or your dog becomes more active then you increase the food intake. Do Not free feed your dog since you will have no idea how much he/she is consuming. This way you have a good idea at all times how the dog is doing. If you want to switch foods it is always a good idea to do it gradually then all at once so you start out 70% of the old to 30% new than 40% old and 60% new and so on.

Always read the ingredients of the food you are choosing to feed your loved one. Make sure it is something you would want to eat too. Remember dogs are carnivours and you are looking for meat to be the first ingredient. Not Corn or Soy. Aquaint yourself with household items that are dangerous to your dogs.