We are Tom & Sandie Rolenaitis and we have had Shibas since 1988. We first found these dogs as pets and fell in love with the breed. Later started showing them in AKC shows and breeding. Our kennel name, Rodel, is from our name Rolenaitis and Sandies maiden name, Delmont. We have both been members of all breed kennel clubs and the National Shiba Club. We have served as Presidents, Officers, Board Members and Show Chairmen. We strongly believe in educating the public and promoting healthy and well bred Shiba Inu. We live in the town of Aspers, Pennsylvania, close to the town of Gettysburg. Our phone number is (717) 528-7067 & Our email is rodel@shibas.net. Please be considerate when calling, this is our home, be aware of the time.

  • Tom Rolenaitis

    Tom works for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania supporting the computers and networks. When not at work you will see him in the dog show ring or in the kitchen as an aspiring home chef. His pizza is a common treat to visitors.

    Sandie Rolenaitis

    Typically you will be talking to Sandie when making arrangements on coming to visit our home. Sandie, does web page work at home and takes care of the dogs and supports our extended family.