So here is the step by step process to get a dog from Rodel Shibas (no we do not ship and you must come visit us in person.)
  • Interview

    You inteview us and we interview you. This is an in person interview. Sorry if you do not live local, there is no exclusion. If you have children, you bring them along. Everone who will live with the dog.


  • Meet the Gang

    Our dogs live with us and they mingle with you and your family members. We can tell a lot by how you and the dogs interact. Plus it is a lot of fun.


  • What are you looking for ?

    Looking for that special obnoxious puppy? We discuss who we will be breeding in the future and possible outcomes of those breedings as far as color..and if you prefer male or female.


  • Waiting List, no deposit!

    We do not take deposits, it's your money. If this is not the time or you changed your mind, we understand.

    Did we mention no Christmas puppies? Don't even go there.


  • Pass the Pickles and Ice Cream

    2 Months of Pregnancy and 8 weeks of puppies with mom.


  • Deru kugi wa utareru - The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

    Our adults socialize the puppies from 8-10 weeks. This Japanese proverb is appropriate. The adults help socialize the new kids on the block.


  • Of Course you can come play with your puppy

    During growing up, you are welcome to come visit your puppy and we can discuss what you need to prepare you for parenthood.


  • We are family

    It can be 2 minutes or 2 hours. The first 2 weeks home you get a phone call......every day. If you have a problem, you call, 24/7. We know you were not listening to us when you saw your puppy. Your brain was just going Puppy!!! OMG Puppy!!!